Gordon Goes to the Big Pineapple

DL 1186 (ATL-HNL)
9hrs 40mins
Airbus A330-300

Hey fam!! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything. It wasn’t for a suspension this time though 😂😂 This has been a busy month for me and I’ve had very little time to fly, but I was able to get a little flying done yesterday (Monday 5/24/21) I decided to go on a little “vacation” until I am able to get back on schedule. After this week, summer vacation starts, and I’ll be ready to fly!! So, please look forward to my series coming back to your screens 😁 Anyway, the flight to Honolulu was EXTREMELY long 😩 Fortunately, the A330 handled the little bit of turbulence we had very well. There were only a few patches of rough air, but for the most part it was a smooth flight. The landing was very cool as we came in on the runway right in front of the mountains. We hit a super sharp turn on final and landed safe and sound in Honolulu!! After that, we had what seemed to be the worlds longest taxi to the gate 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 It took us at least 10 minutes to get to the gate 🙄 We finally deplaned and could start our awesome week in Hawaii!! Stay tuned to see where I end up once I make it back to Atlanta to fulfill my duties as a Delta 737 Captain!! Until next time ✌🏾😁

  1. LiveFlight tracking

  1. Boarding and loading up at gate E26 for Honolulu!! I settled in a Delta One Suite for the nearly 10 hour long flight

  1. A pretty heavy takeoff from ATL’s runway 27R

  1. Views of the Colorado mountains 🤩 I should’ve done a cooler view but it’s too late for that lol 🤷🏾‍♂️

  1. Flying over the Bay Area with our last sight of land until we approach Hawaii. Can you spot KOAK in the distance?? 👀

  1. Nothing but open ocean 🌊 Here’s my view of the North Pacific Ocean from my Delta One suite

  1. Turning final onto runway 26L in Honolulu!! What a cool approach 😃 I also heard that this is a rare approach that HNL does. I assume it’s because of the large mountains near the end of the runway

  1. Aaaannnnnnddddd touchdown!!! We finally touched down after flying for nearly 10 hours. Now I can stretch my legs

  1. Our gate of arrival was gate E9. We pulled in as a United 773 was preparing to depart to God knows where 🤷🏾‍♂️

  1. Here’s what out approach looked like. Not quite the same as the real flight, but close enough lol

I hope you all enjoyed these beautiful pictures from my trip to Honolulu. Also, don’t judge the edits 😂 I’m new to editing my pictures so just bare with me lol. Anyway, y’all be safe and I’ll see you in the skies ✊🏾👨🏾‍✈️😁


Did you see spongebob


Plot twist: Gordon Ramsay goes to the Big Apple

Great photos, and…

Amsterdam: am I a joke to you


That would’ve been lovely 😂 I grew up watching spongebob. From the time I got up, until 4 o’clock when it went off lol

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too much daytime lol

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That’s a pretty fair argument 😂😂😂 I was originally supposed to go to Amsterdam, but I fell asleep 1 hour before landing and woke up maybe 20 minutes after I ran out of waypoints 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 It never fails. I always go to sleep. Upon my landing, there would have been a very long taxi waiting on me probably twice the length of taxiing in Honolulu lol

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Yeah, there was a lot of daytime during this flight. No sunsets or darkness 😂

wait these are edited? i didnt even notice lol

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Oh, what lovely photos! Forgot how good the A330 looks.

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Can’t wait for the A330 rework so I can finally do this route + Inaugurate HNL ;)

Nice photos!!!

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I only edited them to make the colors stand out. Before, they were kind of dry looking

The reworked A330 would’ve been so much better for this route. The landing would’ve been even smoother, and it would’ve been nice to have the life cockpit

Thank you!!

Lovin those shots. It made me feel like I was traveling to Honolulu IRL on Delta Airlines about to feel the cold waters at the beach. Nice shots man. You are very detailed in every single shots.

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I appreciate it, sir 😊✊🏾

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Tomorrow, I am going on a Summer Vacation in Infinite Flight to Davao by stopping at Manila from my home town, St. Louis. I will love em.

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Sounds like a long flight… Have fun and grease that landing!!

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Nice shots, looking for them after the rework too , it would be even better !!

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Definitely!! The live cockpit, gear tilt, it’s pretty exciting. Even though I fly the 737, it’s still cool to get another reworked plane

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Please consider coming to the real Big Pinapple, your nearest airport is YBSU :)