Gopisreekanth_Chukka's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello all! My name is Gopi and this is my ATC tracking thread. I’m all new to the tracking thread, so feedback about this thread would be most appreciated. I’m planning on entering the training process of IFATC soon so don’t be shy with feedback😉 enjoy my ATC services!


Please help join if you can

I am looking for group(4-5) pilots at EDDP do some patterns and give me different scenarios so that I can learn and improve my ATC skills


Please put this in #atc Section and follow the ATC Tracking thread rules

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Hi also take a look at this on how the title should look like :)


Thank you GPilot118 for the information, I have edited it now

It would be really great if some one can help join EDDT with in next 1 hour and help give feedback which can be useful for my Atc training

I’ve fixed it for you, just be sure to read the rules of ATC Tracking Threads. ;)

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Thank you so much for help fixing the title

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Sad, when I lost my connection some one took over ground and tower

Any suggestions what we can do in this situation?


It is closed as some one else is operating tower and ground

I wanted to come but as you said some one took over, its better to close the thread for now.

I’ll try next time to come if possible!

Can I open in some other location and can I let you know please?

Sure, I guess i can do patterns for 20 minutes.

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Thank you I will get in to EDDP, please help join and give me your valuable feedback

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Thank you for joining

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  • It would have been more appropriate to give me ‘Enter right base rwy 8L’ when i asked for runway change instead of right downwind.
  • You told me to make right traffic again when clearing me for the option.
    If you give a traffic direction (left/right) to an aircraft when clearing it either for take off or touch and go for once, no need to mention traffic direction again in its next clearance unless if the aircraft asks for the runway change. But you’ve done this thing only on my first clearance. Im guessing that you already know this, so it was just a mistake.

I’d say its a great session overall, no major flaws.
Will see ya next time when you open again.

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Thank you so much for your feedback, it was my mistake, I have realized after giving instructions both cases. I will try to correct the same for future sessions

Thank you for your time too


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I will open one tomorrow 9pm Budapest time if you okay with that time, I will mention the airfield tomorrow

And a tip if you want to identify someone put an @ before the name

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Just a tip! If you open up leave a message in the thread as well so that this topic will be bumped up to the top of the forum so more people can see!

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I have opened at EDDT , please help join if you can

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I have opened at RKSI, Please join if any one can and give your valuable feedback which can help my training process