Goonchooi’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LEPA

As I want to be part of IFATC, I will be controlling ATC, I am open to any type of test or classes about ATC, if you notice any failure or I should improve in some aspect, do not hesitate to contact via this post.
Thanks to everyone!

I will drop in later , how long are you open for ?
And I would choose a airport with 2 paralel runways and no more

1 hour? I think so!
Maybe a little more!

Okey, so I will be at LEPA

Hi Gonzalo. Saludos desde Barcelona 👋
I can’t join now. Maybe next time!

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Line up extend downwind left traffic extend upwind no need for pattern after takeoff no pattern entery at runway change pos trans turn base exit / option

Soo I was NKO526

Here comes the feedback…

  1. If there is no aircraft on final or on departure there is no need for lineup and wait. You can just imedatly clear for takeoff.

  2. I was alone in the pattern and you told me to extend downwind, this is wrong !
    the command should only be used if a aircraft has to be spaced in the pattern but as I was alone there is no need to.

  3. When clearing for the option you don´t give left/right traffic as you have allready cleared the plane on takeoff and it will do left/right traffic untill it is told otherwise.

3.When I departed I was told to extend upwind this made no sense again as I wasn´t even on upwind neither would I have had to extend it .

4.Once you have cleared an aircraft for left/right traffic you do not have to give it a pattern entery (enter left downwind etc.), the pilot will just make left/right´traffic and all you have to do is sequence and clear.

5.When someone request a runway change you have to have to give them a patten entry to the corresponding runway and then clear. Just clearing it will not be sufficiant.

  1. The Transition was managed very well, minor thing… you didn´t have to let me transition at 5000 ft no need to go so high with only light traffic

Please watch the replay and look at the mistakes (this helps me a lot )

also there are a lot of tutorial on you tube
have a nice day


Thank you so much man, I will do it, I will work on it!

About the sequence? Is just to sequence a patern line between some airplanes?, What does it means by sequence?

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sequencing is when you tell a aircraft to follow a nother one in the pattern, this takes the responsability out of your arms and puts it on the pilot as he has to follow it and you dont have to worry about him.


I would advise you to watch the whol series on ground/tower by IFATC on youtube
if you have any other questions feel free to ask


Most of them I have watch them!

But I will watch them till I understand all the concept


See why Upwind wasnt correct ?

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I was refering to departure, to extend departure!

You can only extend a leg of a pattern if the aircraft is on said leg

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Thanks I appreciate too much!
Can we try another time?

Sure! just message me when you want and il come

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Let’s try another time, I will keep working on it!
Let’s go…

@Flying_Pencil are you able?

I can stop by for short pattern work

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