Goonchooi’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED@LEMD]

As I have always wanted to control ATC in Expert Server and never got it I propose that only experienced pilots connect to LEMD (Madrid Barajas-Adolfo Suarez), I will be controlling in a professional way in TRAINING SERVER.

If you want control with professional people you could consider joining IFATC. I’ll leave the recruiting page.

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I have turned this into an ATC Tracking Thread, where you update the tile to [OPEN] when you control and [CLOSED] when you are done controlling. Use this topic to announce whenever you are open and many people will consider fly some pattern for you or just depart. Happy controlling!

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I´ve tried but they said me to try it in 60 days

Try again in 60 days

Yes, to pay another time!!! :( Are them crazy?

Just for sending two times an email, I have to pay another time 10 dollars, to trying to be in the IFATC, that´s unfair!
I think so…

You were banned from the recruiting process for 60 days because of your actions towards the recruiters. “Rebelling” is not going to get you anywhere.

Trying to circumvent the system like this may result in either a longer extension or something else entirely. My advice - cool it, wait it out, and see where you stand after this.

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