Goonchooi’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @ N/A (Theoric Exam)

Dear Community, as I want to become and to be part of the IFATC I will be practicing for it!
I would appreciate you to come and fly some patterns or touch and go’s to give me some feedback.

Airport: LEPA
Status: OPEN

Ground and Tower control

Thanks for all!


Give some feedback, if you want.

I will come by for some minutes :)

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Great to know.

I have to go now. You handled it very well. I will give you feedback asap.

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Thank’s for your feedback…

Still open? I’ll hop by for a few patterns.

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Yes, try some

Alright i’m Back.

  • You did the pattern work very well. Also the correct responds for a runway change. You made a mistake with the downwinds but you corrected it in the good way.
  • transitionaltitude should be lower: 2500 ft would be ok. The airport elevation was 25ft so the patterns for small aircraft are at 1000ft and jets at 1500ft. To keep the separation between this you should add 1000ft. So the transition should be 2500ft and not 3000.
  • I remember the “Europe 75”. He said he was doing a remaining in the pattern and you sequenced him very well behind me but He didn’t do this so this person needs some tutorials about using ATC.
  • final, when an aircraft is inbound, you should first use a pattern instruction and then clear him for landing. So when someone said “inbound for landing rwy xx” you should respond with enter base/straight in/ downwind and after that you can sequence him (if need) or clear him to land.

Thanks mate, I´m very grateful with your feedback!

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One question, if an airplane inbounds for landing… can I give him a sequencing?

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Yes, you would still have to give the aircraft sequencing.

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Yeah off course. Be sure if you gave him a pattern entry (if there is a radar facility)

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Here you can find everything.

But if I sequence do I have give to him a pattern, if he is going to follow an other airplane?

Yeah, otherwise he doesn’t know which runway they should land on.

If you already gave him a pattern, then there’s no need for pattern. If you want an aircraft to turn base to avoid collision, you can say him “turn base” or something else

So I give him the sequence, if there is? and then the pattern entry and final the cleared.


First pattern entry and then there is an option to sequence him immediately. After that you can clear him to land.

I would highly recommend to read the ATC manual. That explains everything better than I do

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Thanks mate!

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I´ll do it!

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