Google Play Store Problem?

Hello, my mobile phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The game, which is open in lower versions than me, does not appear in my play store application. What is the reason for this, how to solve it, is there an additional solution suggestion?

I would take it that you’re not yet seeing the 21.8 update on your Google Playstore.

Quite often updates are released in staged releases to minimise the burden on servers and allow the developers to fix any issues that may arise in the event that there is a need for that. That does, however, mean that some people would inevitably receive the update before others, and as a result, it is possible that you are in the batch that is supposed to receive the update later.

Your best bet in the meantime is to wait for a few hours, and if that still doesn’t work, contact a member of staff so that they can help you out.


This can happen if your device is not Google Play Protect certified.

The following steps will help you determine this:

  1. Ensure your device meets the minimum device requirements. If it doesn’t, then you will not be able to update Infinite Flight to the latest version.

  2. Check to see if your device is Google Play Protect certified. You can do this by opening the Google Play Store, tap on Main Menu → Settings and check “Play Protect certification” under “About” (should say “Device is certified”).

If your device is not certified, this is because Google cannot validate the security or compatibility status of your device.

Ensure the following:

  • Your device’s bootloader is locked .
  • Your device has the latest official software update from your manufacturer.
  • Your device is on the list of Google Play’s support devices

You can read more on the Google Support website.

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Google Play Store device certificate is available. At the same time, the device is in the supported categories. However, the application still does not appear. No version of the application appears. I’m getting a version incompatible error. By the way the device version is Android 9

I cannot update because my device is rooted and IMEI is discarded. Could it be something else other than that, from buying pro this problem will occur.

It is most likely that which is causing your device to fail Google Play Certification. Can you post a screenshot of the Play Store inside the Main Menu → Settings → Play Protect Certification under About?

Since my device is unregistered, I added a “True” value to the certificate section with the “Preferences Manager” application. But I still tried to register the device from Google with GSP values. But again it didn’t.

Since this is an issue caused by the modifications made with root access, it is something we’re unable to help with I’m afraid. We require installation on a device that supports Google Play Protect. Thanks!

Well, if it is an old version and we download the application as apk from outside, will the pro version work, can we connect to the server?

IF only supports the official version

Any apks are not supported (most are pirated/cracked versions). We only support the official installation from Google Play :)

So is there any other solution to this? So, is there a valid original version (for android) from the application or other download platforms on your site?

The issue is with your device not with IF app. Since the phone is rooted and most likely the bootloader was unlocked in the process, many Google and Samsung services have stopped working.

You could try flashing the original ROM and relocking the bootloader but there’s no guarantee that will work, because it’s unclear what other issues your device has.


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