Google Play Purchase

Okay following problem.
I purchased infinite flight 2 times in total for Android. for 2 different accounts. but I it seems I can’t download the IF on any of these accounts. Google want me to purchase it again. what kind of scam is this? I purchase a product even 2 times and am not able to download it? da hell? someone else had this problem? is there a fix?


Issues such as these, is generally due to corrupt or faulty cache in Google Play Store. This is assuming that you are using the same Google account as you were using at the time of the app purchase.
To resolve your issue, please try the steps given in the help article linked below:


I tried all of these steps already. and I don’t know what else to do beside contacting the game developer. not sure if it’s a google thing or a game specific problem.

This is a Play Store specific problem. We have no control over the process for authorizations for downloading the app or making purchases through the stores.

I would recommend signing out of all Google accounts you’re currently signed in with in Play Store, and make sure that you’re only signed into one that you know an app purchase had been made on. After that, restart the device. There’s no guarantees, but it might do the trick.


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