Google Play issue?

Hello IFC. For some reason when I go on google play on my new chrome book Lenovo (Touch screen) it won’t let me download IF. Any help?

I dont think IF supports Chromebook. All it supports is mobile devices like phones and tablets

Edit unless its considered a tablet then idk

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Maybe give the device name and model number

Yes, you can play chromebook with IF if that’s a tablet and not laptop.

I know there is a chromebook laptop as well

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Well it can flip from a tablet to a computer.

That may in lie the problem

what’s your device specs? and why you can’t download it.

Well it says my device isn’t compatible with the version. Is there a setting where I can be able to download it

may you tell what device you use and the specs of the device?

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This is not a Google Play issue, as Infinite Flight has never been supported on Chromebook. It essentially functions as an emulator, which also isn’t supported by IF.

The reason you’re getting a compatibility error is probably because of the recent(ish) change in requirement for Android devices to 64-bit. In this case, there is no setting where you can “download” it.

If you miraculously find a way to download Infinite Flight, don’t expect to be able to use it in Chromebook tablet mode. They don’t have gyrometers, and therefore, your flight controls would have to be through the use of keybinds or a joystick.

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Just to put this out here. Infinite Flight Simulator is only on mobile and devs don’t have plans to put it on computer. (Only on IOS and Android) (someone correct me if I’m wrong)

(Laura, the CEO and Co-Founder does have a pc version but it’s only for her and it’s a dev version, which has lots that we don’t have and some features that are in that version we also don’t need. If you do want to see things that only she has, go to her twitter.)

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Chromebooks are finicky with IF. I downloaded it on my touchscreen chrome book (think it’s considered a tablet, idk) but it’s so laggy it’s impossible to play. We’re talking literally 2-3 frames per second. Don’t waste your time

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Thanks so much for letting me know guys! I do appreciate it! I might buy a new apple iPad in the future. Thanks again for your time and support and willing to help me out! Take care



Take care! :)

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