Google Play Balance not syncing up


I’m having a slight issue here… I have a problem paying for an Infinite Flight subscription.

It says that the amount of Google Play balance that I have is $11.96, but well, it’s not. It’s actually $19.65. Not sure why the Google Play balance isn’t syncing up, anyone had a similar problem before? Or any ideas on how to get around this? Thanks!

Attached screenshots of what I’m seeing:

I’m not an android user but I believe this is not an issue with Infinite Flight but rather the Google Play Store. Maybe a moderator can give some feedback on what to do but my guess is to contact Google.

Just Restart IF and it should work. If not click the little arrow next to the payment methods and it might show up with the correct balance

Tried that, doesn’t work :(

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You might want to contact Google Play for support on this issue:

Edit: after a bit of searching, it looks like this is a known issue:

If you read the post, the issue the OP is experiencing has nothing to do with IF.


Sorry. Got the 2 mixed up

You have IF in 2 different google accounts?

If you bought the sim from account and try to subscribe from another account that will not work!

Play Store issue.