Google pixel 6a

I’m wondering if I should buy a Google Pixel 6a, but will infinite flight work smoothly with this?

(I don’t know if the tag is this :))

I would check this thread.

Your device isn’t on there but you can check similar devices and see how they perform. I would expect it to perform pretty well, though. Do not buy a phone because I said that, though 😂

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OK!thank you 🤣

No worries, have a great day :)

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Although I can see you’ve been redirected to the device thread, I’ll just drop in quickly and say that the simulator will perform fine. I’m currently trialling Pixel 6 (which has exactly the same hardware) and it works really well. It gets quite warm, and it can stutter a bit at a busy airport, but dropping the rendering resolution down to medium fixes that just fine. It also has incredible battery life, so I would certainly recommend it for the price.


I use a Pixel 3XL that is only used for flying on IF and it works great.

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Hello,I have a Google pixel 6Pro, and Infinite flight runs extremely smooth on it, and my older 3xl as well

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Yeah!Thank you!

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