Google login - offline yet can see flights and play

  • Samsung core prime
  • 1GB RAM
  • Solid WiFi connection

It says i am offline yet i can see all flights, and as i am offline i have 0XP and 0 flight time, and can actually connect to the server (casual), and listen to unicom etc.

I have effectively lost all stats due to this, can’t join expert

Reboot has been tried


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Can you give us a screenshot?

Yep, 1 sec i’ll get one


Sounds like a server issue. Facebook login troubles all over the place as well.

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I would agree this morning seems to be full of connection issues.

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Good thing i just landed a 600nm flight lol

@FlowingGlint61 and @KevinMc88 but I can still connect and fly?

@B747fan screenshots up now

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Hmmmm, i cant connect at all with Facebook

I also got that issue but that was when I was not on internet(Offline)

Mr. Schyllberg is currently looking into the big issue.

Check the other topics for this issue to find the solution. (If not… ill post on here)

Please stay calm, in the upright position, Brace for impact!!
Jack (Balloonchaser)

Let’s stay in one topic as the root cause seems to be the same.