Google has created the Airbus A317

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Which Airport?

I don’t know.

Lmaoo, I can imagine the maximum flare angle on that. 😂😂😂


Hahaha your comment made me laugh 😂😂 Anyways I wonder how that person found that.


Very funny google😂😂😂😂😂😂

Does it fit a pepsi can?


it would make a nice private plane tho, if you can pilot the plane by yourself you have place for a bed, microwave, pepsi can, maybe a toilet? but you just have to land, sleep, wakeup, find the nearest bathroom, and go back up flying!:)

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widebody cessna comfirmed

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That’s a Mutant Airbus

This is really simple, pic was taken at different times while the plane was taxing. No wizardry here

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Google is love.

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Please give google a prize this is hilarious LOL


Hmm, but the picture in Google doesn’t match the one shown because the one shown has the elevators and the main wings and the one in Google only has the elevators…😂😂

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