Google for Scenery

Since it would be really hard to make every building in the world 1 by 1 for 3D. Why not use google earth for scenery around the globe and it is all satellite view. The airports would look very nice as well and there would be 3D terminals and concourses. I don’t recommend doing this for the runways and taxiways though. Only the buildings. Keep the taxiways and runways the way they are and put the buildings around them.

This could go in #features but your not TL2 yet. I don’t see the devs adding this anytime soon because of device workload

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Because it not easy as you think!

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oh ok sry…


And some devices can’t support that!

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No it’s ok :)

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First, the obvious:

  1. It takes a lot more work to implement than you think

  2. The storage that would take

  3. Your device would be literally at 1 FPS if you’re lucky.

  4. I’ll leave it up to the rest.

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i’m not saying rush for it they would take their time

It’s just not happening any time soon

Not to mention that Google only has 3D buildings for a small handful of places, which would make it basically useless. Also, Google would probably charge an exorbitant price for the use of their own data.

It will never happen.

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well my device can handle google earth perfectly fine so i don’t see a problem there?

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It’s not all about you!!!
Some people have different devices!

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Your device can handle google earth? I don’t think any one can’t. Now mix that with Geofs and Infinite Flight. I bid you good luck.

If you would like google earth scenery, you can create a #features feature request! To do so, you have to be at least TL2, so keep reading, liking, posting, commenting, and being active on the forum and you’ll eventually get there!

In addition to everything said above, Google is not cheap by any means…