Google Earth Chosen

Hello y’all so yesterday evening I was looking for a flight and I decided to spin the world around and tap randomly with my eyes closed and will choose a airport on that island or city etc . So it picked Adak, Alaska and I found a airport with a runway of about 6,800 ft and I decided the 737 bbj with heavy fuel because I needed 8 1/2 hrs so I decide from Guilin, China into Adak, Island and man that was beautiful
** •737 BBJ (Infinite flight 2018 livery)
•Guilin, China - Adak, Alaska (ZGKL-PADK)
•Flight time: 8:44
•Server: Training
I made a video for y’all.


I love Adak! Discovered that place around a year ago doing Alaskan bush flying. Beautiful remote place, glad you enjoyed it!

I loved it, It was magnificent