Google Daydream and Infinite Flight

There is a similar feature request, but I want to create a post with lots of details about a virtual reality version of infinite flight.

Virtual Reality is undoubtedly the next phase for gaming. Companies like Oculus and Google dominate the market. (Oculus does Oculus rift, Gear VR, and a few others…Google does Cardboard and the upcoming VR “Daydream”) Virtual Reality is booming like nobodies business. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality headset (made out of cardboard) for only $15 and is compatible with iOS and Android. Having a virtual reality version of Infinite flight would be very good for multiple reasons.

  1. Great marketing strategy. Infinite flight would easily dominate the flight simulator market for VR. There are very few flight Sims for cardboard (let me make it clear that you NEED a computer for oculus rift. For gear and cardboard you only need your phone).

  2. For the players, what would be better than flying a plane on a device? Flying a plane…like you are really there! The ability to look up down, side to side, front and back would add a very amazing and immersive experience. For cardboard (I only know because I make my own videos and I own one) the way you selevt items is you look at it, that it. That highlights the item. To click it you tap the screen using a little hole in the top corner. I admit, it may be difficult to find a easy way. We could jump that hurdle when we get to it. The sounds, the views, the thrill. It’s all there with VR.

Flying an real plane is commonly not accessible to many of the players. Virtual Reality can fulfill this dream of flying. The top of the line flight simulator app mixed with an immersive virtual reality experience is like an early birthday present for many. This gives people to opportunity to really experience what it feels like to fly.

I’m no coder, so hopefully one of the programmers out here can fill me in: how hard would it be to convert infinite flight to VR? Impossible? Not too bad?

Something I came across while writing this post is…how the heck would we turn the plane? Lol. There could be a button to lock the plane (so you can look around, etc) and to unlock (so you can turn the plane by moving your head) I don’t really know.

The Virtual Reality world is relatively small. If infinite flight jumped ahead of the tide, to get in first that would be great from a busines perspective, and all of these virtual reality nuts (like me) and many others.

Of course you don’t have to fly in VR, it would just be an added option.

Just my request to make the lovely world of Infinite Flight, into a more immersive, realistic simulator. Again, I focused on cardboard with this request only because I own one, and do work with it, such as photography, etc.

Feel free to criticize or agree, or whatnot.

Cheers, Thomas Galvin.


Excellent idea. This would require an extraordinary amount of work, but I think that it’s feasible.


Like I mentioned I’m not sure of the workload, but I feel it would be worth it by far!


Ok. You put your phone in the VR headset. You can sit in the cockpit and look all around. Great. Now how do you use the controls?


I mentioned that…for cardboard, to select an item you just look at it. That highlights it. There is a corner of the screen in the top left where you touch to select the item.

Directly fromt he Google how to

Navigate through the Cardboard menu by turning your head left or right. While using an app, turning your head will change your view. 2. Use the small metal ring on the left side of the cardboard to “select” or “click” on things on your screen.

I’m saying for cardboard. I don’t know about other devices. Cardboard is iOS and Android comptable. So this is all that is needed. Oculus, gear VR and stuff I’m not sure. Google Daydream has a remote.

Yeah but how would you fly. Sure you can select buttons on screen but how would you go about flying the plane

Did nobody read anything I said? I mentioned that in the main post…

No one would want to fly by tilting there head. That would defeat the realism that VR would bring tho

They would have to, @Rodney_Buckland .

By a similar post, I think you meant my post:
360° camera mode:

If they implement a 360° camera mode, then they would have to double the screen (That is how Google Cardboard works, I have one too) and implement that dot on the Google Cardboard try out where you can click things. Cardboard mode.

If they will do it with gear VR, I think I know how it works and how it would work on IF. You just take the headset with your phone and you take your controller and you control with it. There is a lock mode, so that you could look around, like in your post.

Google Daydream has a remote, sooo. Also a lock button has to be implemented. So 4 different modes:
360° mode
Google Cardboard mode
VR Gear mode
Google Daydream mode
Of course if some of the controls are the same, then they would integrate the modes.

The lock mode is basically Autopilot.

I like this idea very much and it comes along with my idea. Also I made a 360° video recording for YouTubers:


Maybe it would be a requirement to have a joystick and a keyboard if you wanted to do this? Otherwise great idea.

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I think he meant this Topic.

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Maybe but my post is similar to this post, even by a bit.

Looks like you know your stuff! I think cardboard and Google Daydream should be the only two implemented. Cardboard and or Daydream will work with iOS and Android. It would be a little unnecessary for gear VR. idk. But then people who have gear wouldn’t do it.

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@Ignas04 I was referring to the other post, not yours, but yours is just as much important! Yours really is thr most similar haha

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360 mode is practically already implemented. You can already look around 360 In the plane. The main thing they need to do is to split the screen.

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I read the whole post. That is my secret 😁

Yeah, maybe those with gear VR wouldn’t do it. Who knows. The devs might not even implement it for gear VR, if they consider implementing it, unless, the code is similar to other mode coding.

And, since, Cardboard is WAYYY cheaper than Oculus and other, and it does almost the same thing, it is better. Sometimes the quality is MEH but for a product that I got for free ( had a special deal to get Cardboard for free), the quality is amazing.

The popularity groth for VR and the price range for Google Cardboard, adjusts Cardboard in IF VR implementation order to 1st place.

I would like to see, at least, the 360° camera mode, that I talked about.

Yeah they only need the lock button. Or it could be autopilot and then switch to 360° camera mode.

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Finally! 😂

Google cardboard is the most popular and highest selling VR on the market. So it would be sensible they do that.

Oculus needs a computer to run, a super high power PC. So that’s out of the question i think.

Maybe they would make GEAR VR, it wouldn’t hurt. But it isn’t absolutely necessary with cardboard being on the market.

This would be big news on the simulator market, AND the VR market. Infinite Flight would get tons of attention for it, on both sides.


In the “YT market” (😂), my other idea would attract YouTube viewers - 360° video recording on IF. Also, a PC version would attract more, since some kids don’t have permission to tablets but only to cumputers. But it would be hard, considering it.

But oculus rift is SO expensive, and you need a gazillion dollar computer to support it. There wouldn’t not be much of s fan base for that. Mobile VR is where they should start. If that goes wellt hen maybe computer VR.