Google Calendar for Infinite Flight Events

I thought I should share this calendar I made publicly. It contains all of the Infinite Flight Events posted on the community into one easy-to-read calendar. My hope is that people can easily look at events that have been posted and quickly determine if they are available and/or interested in attending. I already have some events up so you can see what it looks like. If you are not interested in following the calendar, or think it is a bad idea: no one is forcing you to follow it :smile:

HTML Link (Quick online view of google calendar by itself. Click bottom right-hand corner to add it to your personal google calendar) :

ICal Link (If you are using an apple device, I recommend you click here):



@wcrate … Good Job Will, useful I’ll adapt it. Thanks. Max Sends

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Is it one off dates. You gonna be keep updating it.

I will keep updating it. If you save the calendar, it will update automatically for you when I do an update.

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I saw my event on there :smile:

This is a fantastic idea! It can be a big job keeping up with all the different events organised by different groups or individual players. I suggest a TEAM to be put behind the job, including event coordinators from different groups. A shared google calendar account or granting editing access to selected members. Cheers!

Thanks for the ideas @JQW! It definitely has the potential for a team. Let’s see how it goes for now. If anyone is interested in becoming part of that team, you can message me directly. -W

Just checking in! Has anyone adopted this? If so, have you found it useful? Does it work well?

Best, -W

Thank you, great stuff. But what time are you using- EST? Because Queen of Skies Event is actually 1830 GMT. Thanks.

Hmmm… It may be possible to integrate into the forum so that when posting an event you need to select a time and date.

Just so nobody’s confused, you made a few mistakes @wcrate. First of all, my event is 12 hours earlier than you scheduled it for, 8:30 AM EDT. Second of all, it’s 777-200ER, not 200R.

Ok good you changed it. Please remember about my race event too.

@SkyHawk - The google calendar will automatically august for your timezone you are in. I did make those two mistakes that were pointed out… but in the future, the timezone should be clear for you.


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I understood that, but you had it scheduled for 8:30 PM EDT when it’s happening 8:30 AM EDT. That’s all.

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Would you change it to the multiple aircrafts I just posted on the event’s page.

I think the devs should make an intergration of Google Calendar with discourse’s forum. We can get real-time notifications easily :D

Can’t believe I didn’t see this until now! Yeah, we’ve been considering doing something like this. Maybe a calendar that sits at the top of the Live > Events subcategory.

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