Google+ and Facebook account.

So I have been flying on my google+ account now since the day you have released IF live. Now I can not fly on the expert server anymore due to the change in requirements and I wanted to start fresh. I logged in on my Facebook account in IF and I tried purchasing the 6 months IF pro. It worked but it also did not. It said that it will accessible when my other subscription ends (Feb 2019).

My question being; How can I get two different accounts with different subscriptions?

-MrValcon Aerosync

Subscriptions are linked to your iTunes or Play Store account that’s the confusion here. You have a Google Play account and you tried purchasing two separate subs under the same account.

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Adding to what Chris said, if you want to have 2 accounts you have to make a new Google account, then the purchase(s) will be linked to the other account.

Thanks for the help!

Thank you for the help!