Google and Facebook account not found?

Hello Infinite Flight Community!
I’m very new to the game (I’ve had it for about one hour) I’ve played some solo to familiarise my self with the controls… after that I thought I would take to the skies in multiplayer as that looks like a thrilling experience. I clicked on play multiplayer and then it asked me to either link my Facebook or Google account I tried google first and it kept saying “account not found” I even made a completely new Google account and still got that message. I tried my Facebook account and still got “account not found” so I was wondering if anybody here has a solution or perhaps I’ve missed something because I really want to try out multiplayer it looks really fun and challenging.

Thanks a lot

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Another user has also reported a similar issue yesterday and Laura has fixed the problem

Try it again now and reply to here if you are still unable to log-in 😊

Welcome to our community by the way. Thanks alot for choosing Infinite Flight and decided to take part in our community. I do hope you will have a pleasant stay. For further assitance, you might want to check @Aussie_Wombat 's post provided above 😊. Happy flyings and see you in the skies! ✈


You can try these solutions:

Multiplayer requires a paid subscription. Either monthly (Live) or Yearly (Live+) subscription. You need to pay to fly/control online.

•Restart your device and the app
•Check on for your subscription
Hope this helps :)

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Welcome to the Community!
To resolve your problem, have you purchased a subscription for live yet? Because to play multiplayer you need a valid live subscription and that might be your problem.

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I think he can’t get to that screen yet. Because he needs to log in first. But he can’t…

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Could you send a few screenshots of the problem please? If the problem was fixed, then enjoy the game.

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