Google account loggin problem (Important)

Hello everyone

I came back after 5-6 months ago and I start playing it again and now when I try to log in I can’t find the google account login anywhere, but it only shows that I can log in only with the Infinite flight program. Maybe someone can explain to me how to connect with google to this game, because my 5th grade acc was connected to the google acc and I don’t want to start all over again, I played for almost a year before I got my 5th grade. Can anyone help me get back my 5th grade acc?

hello @Rokas_Ruzgys

Unfortunately IF removed the option to log in with google and Facebook a while back. I believe if you just connect your IFC account you should be good. You would have lost your grade 5 status anyway now because your stats would have degraded by now.

Welcome back and good luck :)


Yes, but he still would have kept his total flight time, landings, XP and so on. I don’t know if staff can maybe do something about this.

Yea, the only thing he really lost is grade due to total flight time 90 days and total landings 90 days.

Still 70 hours of flight time and 180 landings to gain back, just pointing out to OP he will not be in grade 5 when he gets back.

The purpose of the requirements is to make sure players are well acquainted with new or existing rules before they start on a higher server. I have found myself out of touch after not playing IF for a week so 5 months is a no-brainer, thus I think the answer will be no.

He hasnt lost any of those though, as they should thankfully be with his IFC account!

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