Hello, i’m writing this short message to say goodbye. Not only to the Infinite Flight community but to the aviation community. I’ve been an aviation enthusiast since 2007 (playing IF since 2012) but I feel the need to move away. I have no interest in aviation anymore and I do not get the thrill that I got before. This is also the end of my account @if_4_you on Instagram and the end of this IF Community account. Thanks for having me, it was a blast and I’ll always remember great moments and great people I’ve met.
Special thanks to the Infinite Flight team that has always done a great job and I wish them a bright future ahead.
Thanks and Happy Flying !


I don’t even know you i’ve never seen you on the forums (i’m new to them) but still sad someone is leaving, cya


it is always sad to say goodbye, that you do well in your new adventure @if_aviation_greg

I hope it does not happen to me to lose interest in aviation


Take care man good luck on your future ! Ever wanna come back you’re always welcome!


I’m an Infinite Flight user since 2012 and always been active. No need to be rude, the community’s is one reason i’m leaving ;) immature


This was unnecessary. Lets build a community based on kindness. I suspect we will all enjoy it more.



Sorry to see you go Greg. I wish you the best going forward!



Sad to see you leaving. Take care and I wish you the best luck in the future.

We are always happy to welcome you back if you ever change your mind.

As life goes on we find new interests so it’s natural to like aviation at one point and then when you’ve fulfilled the purpose of liking it, you move on.

Stay Safe! :)
/ JR


That’s not very respectful or funny, Dush. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Let’s try and be nice and productive. If you have a problem, PM the user. Now let’s try and all be nice.

As for you @if_aviation_greg, I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavours. I understand creating a topic like this is a nice gesture, but it can also draw in unnecessary attention. The community is here for you if you ever decide to return. Take care now. ;-)


I didn’t do this post to draw attention, i’m one of the first customer of IF and I just wanted to say thanks. I really appreciate your kindness and support :)


And we happy to have had you here with us, as a partof the community. You could say it’s been a pleasure to be in the same community and simulation as one of the very first costumers. So thank you for all you’ve done over the past years :)


It’s unfortunate to see you go. I remember that I often saw you in the past and gone inactive recently. Wish you a good luck. Hopefully you won’t forget some of the best moments while being an avgeek 😊


Look who it is, back at his usual antics. Don’t you want to support others and create a welcoming atmosphere here on the community? It doesn’t take much effort to show even the slightest bit of warmth.


regular, due to many when they leave IF create a topic, it would not be good to create a follow-up thread for people leaving IFC

(It’s an idea that I have, it has nothing to do with this topic) :)

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Sorry to see you go!