Goodbye, Thomas Cook.

Hi all,

I have come to you with another set of my screenshots that I am proud of. I have done a farewell flight for TCX and to be stored somewhere.

This was from LIMF to EGCC (Turin to Manchester) on TS which took about 2 hours and 10 minutes due to mean headwinds and turbulence.

Holding shortshort runway 36. Alpine landscape in the background.

Immediate left turn directly to Manchester. Mountains ahead.

Lots of alpine mountains separating Italy, Switzerland and France.

Brief overflight of Switzerland as we cross Lac Leman and Geneva.

Another city flyover with Dijon below us.

Now we spot the absolute might of LFPG in Paris, soon crossing the channel.

Over the channel we go with a great view of the A321 and Kent in the distance. Side note, the camera angle was a nightmare to position. Having a whole county and a plane in one picture is not easy imo

After crossing all the farmland and grazing the west side of EGLL, we head into short final at EGCC runway 23R with a vicious northerly crosswind. Butter touchdown, not great on centre line.

Like I always ask, reply your favourite screenshot. And I’ll see you on another topic on the forum.


Terrible year of aviation honestly so many airlines going into liquidation it’s terrible 👎🏻


I like pictures 3 and 4

You are right @Joeoreilly77, Jet Airways, Wow Air and now Thomas Cook! It is a terrible year for most aviation companies.

Not whole Thomas cook is gone :)

Thomas Cook Scandinavia or Ving is still aliveeee

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Hypothetically, Thomas Cook has filed for bankruptcy and the whole airline is dead.

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Oh no, Thomas Cook is gone? 😭
Great photos, I like the first one.

I guess you could say, they’ve been thoroughly cooked

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It’s a coincidence for me. I did a WOW air flight, some Time ago, then shortly after, they ceased operations. Then I did a Thomas Cook flight, and shortly after they cease operations

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I hope they come back ♥️ Nice flight you did to show respect ❤️

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Welcome to the community @SebastianVettel!

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Thank you, it seems I don’t need my posts approved now I don’t know why

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Nice, on you way to becoming a member (as in TL2) I see.

Do a Spirit Airlines flight plz

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