Goodbye Spirit, hello Delta. Ramp Agent spotting @LBE

Ramp Agent Spotting @ LBE
Hello IFC, recently I have quit my job as a ramp agent at KLBE (Arnold Palmer Regional) and will begin working for Delta at Pittsburgh International shortly. Like most Americans, dealing with Spirit has been a love/hate relationship but I've got a few photos I'd like to share.

Photo 1

Double A320s side by side ready to go after hours of delays from weather down south

Photo 2

Brand new A320 NEO registered N935NK, starting it’s engines for a short hop to Myrtle Beach (MYR)

Photo 3

N933NK departing early back to it’s base, Orlando (MCO)

Photo 4

Routine Sun Country charter flight to Atlantic City (ACY)

Photo 5

The last banana bus I worked, NKS 1483 to Myrtle Beach (MYR)

Photo 6

Myself marshaling on a rainy day

Photo 7

Heading back to the U.K. is G-CEYL, a beautiful Bombardier Global 6000

Photo 8

Getting up a 3 am is rough, but here’s a good view. Here is N932NK painted in the DreamWorks Spirit livery, spooling up for its very early departure

Shots taken by my coworker worth sharing:

The iPhone photography is strong with this one. Excellent shots, Zach!

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Thanks Suhas! ☺️

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No way man! I fly in there all the time, I go to flight school up at KBVI just 50nm Northwest of KLBE.

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Wow that’s crazy but super cool! I go to flight school in the area too, at KAGC.


Hello from Morgantown! I’m about 45 minutes south of you!

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Hello hello 👋🏽

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I’ll just ignore the grain ;), because these are great shots! :)

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