Goodbye Rankin Rd

Although most of you have never spotted in Houston, we definitely had some of the most unrated and best spots to take pictures of airplanes. Now, one of our best spots has been taken from us due to some idiot who drove throw the fence at Rankin Rd.

The lady drove through a metal gate to and crashed into a cessna while at it. She drove off after that. Due to her actions, they have completely closed the road for spotting. It’s a real shame to us down here in Houston, like @Matt737.

Rankin Rd has definitely been one of my favorite places to spot. It’s a shame the city closed it permantly.

Say goodbye to these kinds of shots:


i find it quite stupid how sometimes in life one person can ruin it for a bunch others


Aww. Looks like a truly beautiful spot to get some nice shots. Such a shame, one person ruins it for so many others.

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We all make mistakes, some bigger than others. I am very sorry that you cannot have a good spotting location any more.

For sure. The world is unfair. Houston Spotters are planning a memorial for Rankin Rd very soon… 😂


Well we have 2 spots remaining, including the parking garages and FuelMaxx





Maybe if you start a petition they will bring it back ;)

I think that something like a Spotting License should be created, of which would allow you into certain locations like these, to get such beautiful pictures.

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Maybe ? I would sign it’s worth a shot maybe.

No way on earth that will happen. We have already called the Houston Airport System and they have stated it’s a security issue. This is exactly what happened after 9/11 and they closed it for over a year.


Ride your bike or walk down there. It doesn’t look like its too far.


It’s now illegal to spot there. One of our fellow spotters got warned today.


Oof do you think they well chill out in the coming weeks/months as I was thinking about going spotting in Houston when my dad goes later this month.

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Wow. They’re really putting the force on. That’s really a shame then. A loss for sure.


That’s a shame. Always loved that Emirates 777 shot. Too bad they are losing such a good spot.

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This is George Bush right? I know there’s a dirt parking lot at the near RWY27 on Lee Rd. I don’t remember how well the views were but a place to check out when you’re hunting for a new spot.


I’m gonna send an email over to airport security to get some details on this situation, I’ll report back here.

Plus I’’m pretty sure it would be advisable to stay out if there are giant concrete barriers blocking the road.

Ya that’s a good spot, but pictures are backlit there.

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It’s a hit or miss for Lee Rd. They almost never put heavies there. FuelMaxx or the East Cargo at IAH are still the best spots right now.

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That’s true. You don’t see heavies very often over there. Its just going to have to be a little bit of trial and error mission your you guys then. Figure out where’s best and what produces the best results without getting in trouble.