Goodbye Qantas 747!

In case any of you didn’t know, Qantas recently retired the last of their 747-400s. It was quite a sad day for 747 lovers (which, I assure you, there are a LOT of them), including myself. I truly loved the Queen of the Skies, and hence wanted to recreate the Aircraft’s final route, from LAX to Mojave Air and Space Graveyard.

Flight Time: 32 Min
Server: Solo
Aircraft: 747-400 (Qantas Livery)

^ Recreating the Kangaroo Drawing the aircraft made upon its final departure (In real life, this one was actually made after takeoff in Sydney, butjustpretendokshhhhh)

^ Beginning the taxi to the aircraft’s last takeoff

^ The plane sails off into the skies one last time, and disappears from sight some time later

^ A really low cruise over the Sierra Nevada mountains, if only one could hear those roaring Rolls Royce engines!

^ The final landing at Mojave Graveyard. It’s an emotional moment.

Rest in Peace, dear 747. You made a mark that no other airliner could possible have done. I’m glad you’ve lived a fulfilling and airworthy life.


Goodbye 💛


Blue skies and tailwinds, Queen of the Skies!

Thanks for sharing these cool and definitely rather emotional pictures!

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VH-OEJ was the last one, and I had gotten to see and hear those rolls royce engines. I miss this plane and hope to see it later on, soon when COVID settles.

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Goodbye Qantas 747 😢

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