Goodbye Old Friend

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Some of you may have heard, and some of you may have not, Alaska Horizon is retiring their De Havilland Dash8 Q400 aircraft pretty much all the way right off the bat next year. This news meant a fair bit more to me and others in the Pacific Northwest because Horizon’s Q400s has been all over there for years, and now they’re being retired.

So today (or whenever October 28 2022 was for you, and/or if/when this gets approved) I went to MFR, which is basically my home airport, to spot the Q400 possibly for one last time. But Aidan, I feel you typing, you said they weren’t going anywhere until next year? That they are, but I can’t go to any of the other airports and they’re leaving my home area by the end of the month (according to Flightradar24).

Anyways I’ve been monologuing enough, here’s some photos from the couple of hours I was there for.

Photo quality may not be the best because these are frames from the videos i took, as well as there being pesky sunlight just a bit above eye level blasting on to me, so lots of reflection

1| First up and the reason I went to the airport today, N447QX running service up to Portland.

2| Engines are spooled up and the blade pitch has changed.

3| Rotated and climbing out, with some prop vortices. This is now quite easily my last time seeing Horizon’s Q400.

4| Almost as if to remind me the turbo props aren’t gone, N917FX, a FedEx ATR42-300, came in from Portland.

5| Another FedEx plane, a Cessna 208 (N909FE) came in a few short moments later also from Portland but it took it about half an hour longer to do so.

6| N632QX arriving from Seattle. Irritating poll in the way…

7| A short break later, N262NV departs for Las Vegas

8| Remember N632QX from a short moment ago? Well not an incredibly long time later the above Airbus, N632QX departs for Seattle

9| Last on the note worthy sightings is N1TS, a B737-700BBJ off for San Jose


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The pre-mentioned videos I took of these will be available over the coming months on MFR Plane Spotting, where I dump many of my plane spotting videos to save on my own storage.


Thanks for stopping by!


Awesome shots! Really sad that I never got to fly Alaska’s Q400s

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They were a bit cramped, but as someone who got to fly on them last March, it was not an issue (especially since the windows were more eye level than the other commercial aircraft I’ve been on). I wanted to fly on them again, but it appears I’d be missing that by almost half a year

There’s still opportunities to fly with Horizon’s Q400s until January at the latest (but i think it’ll only get harder to find them), and with some Canadian airlines for the foreseeable future.

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