Goodbye, Old Friend

Last night I decided to do an all nighter with some mates on a video call, after that I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to watch the sun rise, but instead, decided to take a friend out for a possible last ride.

We all know SAA has been in trouble with financial issues and debt recently, but many of you don’t know that they have been pushing through it for the past decade, earlier this week, the airline was placed in business rescue, but unfortunately, odds are that it won’t be around for long.

Why does this matter?
Well, SAA was the first airline I ever flew on, infact, it was the 737-800. Despite all the financial issues, I still believe that SAA is a great airline, they always have welcoming and friendly crew, their service can be great at times.

African Sun

Here I am, talking about how the airline doesn’t have a great chance of survival, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any chance.
We all know that even with low odds, we can still get what we want (cough A350), and this is why I believe that SAA can make it, it just needs a fast and efficient turnaround.
The rising sun represents a new start for SAA.

Hope you enjoy!


Great photos. Really sad to see SAA in this state, however, if SAA sell their A346s for some spare cash, with the aid of the A350. Maybe SAA has got a chance. Anyways, great photos again!

That could be one strategy, but their main strategy should be to replace their management and possibly privatize such as British Airways did. Or even get bought by a larger airline such as Etihad or Emirates (both apparently are willing to, but SAA refused, because you know our government are a bunch of… Yeah, let’s not go there.)

Glad you enjoyed the images!


Wow, if South Africas most important Airline is gone then they will have a traveling problem. Same with Adria 😔 Really hope SAA will stay. Anyway great Photos!

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Sorry, looks like they will be around for a little bit. @Josh_Tomaz

(No more from me now)

can someone explain me in this context (financial crisis) how SAA has bought new A350s? What am I missing out on?

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