Goodbye, Old Friend - Spotting @ KDEN, April 11th, 2021 (Part 1)

Hi all! On sunday, I took the hop over to Denver International Airport to take plane pictures and try to find @AndrewWu’s missing oatmeal. I sadly could not find it, I found a tumbleweed rolling across the road instead, but I saw some old friends in the process, which are saved for the bottom, and the main reason I came down to the airport on this windy April afternoon. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the photos!

Please contact me if you would like to use any of my photos in any way, shape, or form in advance. Thank you!

Photo One: Starting this off is a new Frontier A320 for me, despite it being with Frontier for quite some time. This is “Orville”, the Red Cardinal, who is eight years old this year, and spent time with Monarch in the UK as G-ZBAA before joining Frontier in 2015. “Orville”, also named after Orville Wright (like how Wilbur the Whitetail is named after Wilbur Wright, who I spotted here last time I went), and operated “Frontier Flight 664” from San Francisco.

Photo Two: Up next, we have one of the less common airlines here at DEN, despite it having Denver in it’s name. Denver Air Connection (operated by Key Lime Air) operates flights from DEN to smaller destinations in Colorado, Nebraska, and New Mexico, utilizing Dornier 328 JETs, Metroliners, and E145s. This Dornier 328JET, registered as N395DC and 20 years old, operated as “Key Lime 3714” from Telluride.

Photo Three: Sun Country normally only has around one daily flight into DEN from MSP on some days, but this day, DEN got an extra tide pod from them. N830SY was Sun Country’s first tide pod, spending some time with ATA as N305TZ, Saga Airlines in Turkey as TC-SGG, and Aeromexico as N861AM. It’s almost 20 years old and was operating on some type of charter from Tucson as “Sun Country 8624”.

Photo Four: Since I did not get to see United’s MAX in February due to the Texas snowstorms, I thought I wouldn’t see one this day with the apparent electrical issue that caused many airlines to ground a portion of their fleets. I got lucky that I got to see one. N37506 is a 2 (almost three) year old MAX 9 who was in Goodyear until last month. It operated “United 1493” from Houston. It was so quiet I almost missed taking a picture of it.

Photo Five: As is normal in my topics, A canyon blue is a requirement for a successful topic. Today, we have N725SW, one of Southwest’s oldest 737-700s, clocking in a whopping 22 years with Southwest, and operating “Southwest 1065” from Palm Springs. (I always seem to catch the Palm Springs flight)

Photo Six: This was the only heavy I saw, but that’s what I get since most of United’s 772s are grounded, but I digress. UPS sends a variety of aircraft to DEN, but today’s Louisville flight, under the calllsign of “UPS 812”, was operated by N334UP, a 19 year old 767-300F.

Photo Seven: Not one of the planes that I was expecting but I definitely wanted to see again was N475WN, the last aircraft I flew on, way back in 2018. N475WN is a 16 year old frame, and operated “Southwest 367” from Austin.

Frontier A319 Section

These three planes below were the main reason I wanted to come to DEN on this day. I knew that they would be retired (again) soon, so I wanted to see all three in one session. Last time I went, I missed seeing one of them but I saw another one in the process, so I was determined on seeing all three of them. Unfortunately, this day (April 11th) seemed to be one of the last days in which more than one A319 would operate. It seems that there is now a large cut in flights with this plane, most likely making at least two of them obsolete and unnecessary. I now know who I think will be staying for a bit longer, and who will be going sometime soon, most likely to AA, but we will have to wait and see. I am glad to have seen them, but they leave with a lot of good memories and nostalgia. I hope to see the last remaining one again before it leaves for good, and concludes a 20-year history for Frontier. Enjoy these photos especially, as they could be some of the last of these planes out there. I still am not 100% sure on the retirement details, but I’ll definitely know who is going and staying in the near future.

Photo Eight: This is the only active Frontier A319 I had seen previously, and (of course) I was glad to see it again. “Lobo” the Gray Wolf, is Frontier’s oldest active A319, with just a couple months shy of being 16, and seems like he will be sticking around a bit longer. Lobo operated “Frontier Flight 294” from Oakland this day.

Photo Nine: Up now is Frontier’s youngest active A319. “Erma” the Ermine is a 14 year old example, and is one of the A319s slated on the chopping block for retirement, despite it being almost a year younger than both Lobo and Cloe. It operated “Frontier Flight 714” from a much warmer Tucson.

Photo Ten: “Cloe” the Deer Fawn is the A319 I couldn’t get last time I went, but after chasing it for so long, I was so glad I was able to finally see her. Cloe is the other A319 slated for retirement soon. I know this is @CPT_Colorado’s favorite A319, and “Cloe” is also almost 16 years old with Lobo. Cloe operated “Frontier Flight 552” from San Diego this day, while this also seems to be Cloe’s 7th-to-last with her also representing (most likely) the last Frontier A319 ever to visit SAN.

And that is all for part one of this session! Stay tuned for a part two soon in the future! I had a blast taking photos for this one, and I am really happy I got to see most of the things I wanted. Have a great rest of your morning/day/afternoon/evening/night!

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