Goodbye Infinite Flight and Community. I will never forget you

Hello Guys,
I discovered the Infinite flight community on April 24, 2020. That decision changed my life. Sadly, I have decided to leave the community and Infinite flight as a whole. With no sub and little activity on the forum, it was inevitable. I would like to thank a few on the forum who helped me and guided me.

Thank you too:

People who were kind or/and welcoming to me:

With that being said, I would like to thank all the Devs and Mods for making IF as good as it is.

I hope to see you guys in the virtual skies again.

Signing off,


Thanks for including me into the kindness list hehe… I wish you the best and never know, maybe we will see you around some day. Be safe, be happy and kind to all.

Take care bud.



Well, it’s sad to see you go. Hopefully we can see you again in the future!

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I was sad that you were leaving…

The i clicked on the link

You can go now



Thank you @OKCFlight86, @Rolls, @Robertine, and @Pingu for your kind responses.

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Really sad to see you leaving. I know we didn’t chat all too often, but when we did it was great. I’ll certainly miss seeing you around my friend, best of luck to you in your future!

And hey, if you ever decide to return, we’ll be here to welcome you back.


Thank you @Butter_Boi. If I ever get my sub back, I will definitely come back!

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Sad to see you go, the VORG will lose one member, hope we can see you again into the sky of Infinite Flight in the future!

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Hey buddy! Thank you so much for everything and it was a pleasure flying with you. I enjoyed every second of it! I’m super sad to see you go😭

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It’s so sad to see you go. @Z-Tube and I Thank you so much for everything at LYVA. Of course, if you need anything in life going forward, you know where to find me :)

All the best!

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Why do you have to give up your sub?

It sucks to see you go, Jaedon. You are a great friend and were a fantastic staff member. You helped bring LYVA to where it is now.

I hope we can continue to communicate elsewhere and wish you the best in your future endeavors. May the rest of your quarantine come with ease. See you soon, Jaedon! ❤️


Ah man. I’m so sorry your leaving. It’s going to be weird not to be chatting with you in VORG. I wish you good luck in wherever you end up and I hope to see you soon.

Thanks for being such a welcoming person to me when I joined VORG.

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I’m so sad to see you leave 😢

Good luck with the future 🙂

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Noooo, i don’t know you but it is sad to see a person left 😞😔😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭

Good luck for your future 🙃
PM me for question


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