Goodbye Great Lakes Airlines

Well unfortunately we are losing another airline tonight, Great Lakes is shutting down at midnight tonight.


I flew for Lakes for 3 years. The company sucked but that’s the best pilot group in the world. Once a Laker, always a Laker!


Oh no!! I loved spotting Great Lakes at KDEN. Always a nice surprise to see the B1900’s mixed in with all the heavies. lol. Do you know where all the planes will be going?

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Oh no :/ I always loved seeing Great Lakes at Denver! No no no

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Saying goodbye to an airline, big or small, does not make me happy :(


I am not sure what is going to happen with the planes.

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Maybe Ameriflight will buy them. Sad to see yet another airline gone.

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Rest In Peace airline that I’ve never heard of. Sad to see another one go…

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Saw this on Instagram very sad they’re leaving :(

Never a happy moment in aviation when an airline closes its doors. But as most of you guys know Great Lakes often carried the title of “Great Mistakes”. I can’t say if this were ever true and can’t shed light on this but there will be no other “Great Mistakes” Airline after 3.5hrs from now.



Two of the last Great Lakes Airlines flights in the air. Hat off to an “interesting” airline. So sad to see them go. Their Beechcraft 1900D were iconic for me at Denver, parked on the ramp. I’m flying again in one week but never thought the day would come when I would never see them again. #GreatLakes #SadDay

Investors took their airplanes back it sounds like. Really sad.

We’ve got no use for those worn out things! Not be mention there’s no cargo STC for the 1900D

Oh that is true, I never thought about that 😂😂

Do you have any info on why they were taken?

We’ve talked about it but most of those planes are pushing 100,000 hours. I don’t have that kinda free time! (I’m the 1900 program manager at Ameriflight BTW lol)


Not making the payments. The bank took control of them awhile back. Most of the planes were parked already.

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Off to the ‘yard I would presume.


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