Goodbye Gate Checked Bags: CRJ-550 Discussion Thread

I am excited as hell. United has released a new video on its CRJ-550. The features presented on the new aircraft include: Overhead Bins and Cubbies for bags, Premium Self Service food bar thingys (I don’t even know what to call them), and finally First Class. Its truly awesome, this video should sum it up in a few minutes:

I did not want to add many details as you can find them out in the video.

Also, thanks Bombardier.


This is definitely a game changer. Well done United.

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Saw it today at KMSN


You can take a virtual tour of the aircraft by clicking on 3D View:

Video of the Virtual Cabin:


🎶 Take me to your CRJ to store my bags today! We can get your snacks and fly all day! I really want to, fly United with you, we can be pro airline pilots, today! 🎶


Why can’t i store my bad where the pilot sits? 😂

But wait, what if I am the pilot??

Jk lol, few years for me yet…
Ill stick with my PPL next year

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I’m confused as to what’s so good about this? The Refurbished Delta B717’s cabins really highlight how much better United could have gone with this cabin. Small or not it doesn’t mean you can’t make the cabin nicer. Headrests wouldn’t go amiss either

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I will not lie, I’m tempted to find a route operated by this aircraft to check it out because it seems a lot better than what United offers on its other regional aircraft.

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Take me to your XBox to play fortnite today. You ca take me to Moisty Myers, but not loot lake. I’d really like to, chug jug with you. We can be pro fortnite gamers.

Big yeet.

Well United has introduced a new type of seat in the aircraft. Not to mention it is like the only model of CRJ with overhead bins that can actually fit suitcases. Finally, no more gate checking. Okay, finally to the finally, no need for snack service as you can get them yourself without having to wait. Finally to the finally to the finally, first freaking class on a CRJ.

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What’s the ICAO for this aircraft?

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You mean reg? There are a few.

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Nah, I mean the ICAO

Nevermind. The ICAO is provided in the link lol.

Do you understand what scope clause is?
This is a converted CRJ-700 that will replace some 50 seaters in order to keep from Maxing out of new 76 seaters.
The DL 717 is a completely different category of aircraft, it’s not a regional jet.
The 717 cabin upgrades were done to bring it to A220 standards

Its not really a CRJ-700 that has been converted. It is more of a version that is a bit bigger than a CRJ-500 with better engines.

No, the CRJ-“550” is a reconfigured old CRJ-700.
How many times must it be stated, it is NOT a new plane:


Wow! This is quite cool I must say 👍

N504GJ, a CRJ-“550”, used to be N605QX where it flew for Horizon as both Alaska and Frontier, then went on to fly at ASA for Delta, then going to Skywest to fly for American Eagle, before finally ending up with Gojet as a CRJ-550.

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I guess I am a dummy then. Wha waaaa.

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That doesn’t change the fact that this aircraft is still not anything special or much of an improvement. Again, comparing this to the delta B717, the seats could be much better, more amenities, lighting etc