Goodbye gate 35X, a new journey begins

helloooo! i did a topic about the new concourse at KDCA that opened on april 20 here the link if you want to see it!

anyways on april 19 at gate 35X(which is btw the worse gate at DCA) a crj-700 american eagle departed to KPVD at 9:00am some where around and that is the last plane every be at gate 35X since the new concourse open the next day and 35X is closed or somethin
and i decided to reenact that flight so here the pictures!


livery:american eagle
flight time:1:00

1.crj-700 is preparing for this event of the closing of gate 35X which it is parked at boarding passengers and others.

2.crj-700 has finish it pushback!

3.crj-700 is now line up and wait on runway 19 spotting from the gravelly point parkimage

4.and the crj-700 has left ground and now begin this journey!

5.cruising over philadelphia now beginning descend! it begins it left turn to get on approach!
image it flaring on the runway finishing this event! it parked passengers are deboarding and the event has finished.

wow! the new concourse has opened on april 20 finally a better and more comfortable after gate 35X thank you KDCA!!! NOOO ONE WILL MISS YOU GATE 35X >:(


nice photos

Gate 35X - sad noises

Cool pictures!

Time for us to jump on editing DCA 👀

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lets hope we will see that!!

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Shhhhh don’t tell anyone, I want it! 🤫😂

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i want it too🤣🤣

Are you in IFAET?

no unfortunately

I’ll try to get it taken care of 🙃

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As someone who has flown out of 35X many times, this truly is a joyous day

What Made this gate such a bad gate?

These are very nice pics. Now we just need the IFAE team to edit the airport

Gate 35X was a small area that transports passengers by bus to one of the 14 remote stands. It tends to get really crowded since it’s just a small pen down Terminal C.

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