Goodbye Forever! (see you soon A380)

Like the title might suggest, this was my last flight ever with the A380 in IF.
Forever the last time - oh wait - I hear an update will come with a new A380 model? I guess I will fly this bird again very soon.

Here are the flight details:
OMDB to LSZH on expert server
Flight time: 6~7 hours.

Here are the pictures of my arrival in Zürich (in my usual fashion)

I’m really looking forward to the new update, can’t wait to fly this King!

Happy flying!


These are… VERY Beautiful pictures!!

Lovely editing, thought this was another flight sim haha

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I have another similar picture of the E175 KLM landing on the same runway same time but from 6 months ago.


May I ask what photo editing app(s) do you use?? Specifically for these pictures

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Adobe Photoshop:)