Goodbye For Now :)

Well after about 3 months flying around the world on Infinite Flight, I’ve chosen to end my subscription and go on pause for a couple months. I held a final flight event over the weekend which consisted of two flights. (first flight pics will be uploaded later) @Cole_Woodard and @Edward929 joined me on this flight from San Diego to San Jose, my hometown.

Plane: Embraer E175
Airline: Alaska Airlines
Server: Expert

Pushback outta KSAN

Final takeoff of the summer :(

Los Angeles from above

Down into the Salinas Valley

The good ole Santa Cruz Mountains

Home :)

Finally back in The Bay after a summer of flying

And thats all she wrote.

Well thats that. After an awesome summer of flying I’ve made it back to San Jose. I want to thank everyone I flew with this summer. I want to thank the people that made it to my 7 events over the last 3 months. I want to thank everyone who made Infinite Flight and those who continue to work hard on updates and making this arguably one of the best flight sims out there. This game means everything to me. I’ve put hundreds of hours into this game going back to 2015. Back then it was just a fun game to me but now its turned into a community that I’ve made many friends on. Its been an honor flying with you all this summer and I intend to return in mid December. I’ll still be active here on the IFC but thats it for flying for a while. Once again thank you and happy flying! :)


You can always fly without a pro subscription


Yes I probably will but I much prefer flying online

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It was a great event!

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Next time you get a pro subscription, do it on Jan 1st, 2024 and get the 1 year version



Anyway I’ve been using my subscription since I got it lol, I’ve loved IF that much :/

(It’s been almost a year)

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Not sure if I will ever cancel my subscription ;)
( I actually lost it once due to a bug tho )