Goodbye for now

Dear everyone on the community. I hit 101 days visited today and I realized that I have been way to active on the Community in these 101 days. I wanted to thank everyone who helped me and supported me through the time that I have been here.

I am going to take a break and will visit every once in awhile through till November 11. I wanted to let people know that I am not going to be on very much so I may not answer PMs for a while.

I will be updating my 717 route database each time that I get on so if you reply there with a route I will update when I am active. I will begin making more #screenshots-and-videos topics upon my official return. I will be making topics every once in awhile and each topic will have had a lot of thought put into it.

GOODBYE and thank you everyone for the time I have been here and I will be looking forward to how to community has grown in both user numbers, and in quality. Thank you once again for a wonderful time on the community. I look forward to being active once again. If you are one of my friends here and want to say goodbye you can do so via PM. I will be active for about another 1 1/2.


See you tomorrow!


Have a wonderful break, see you! 😋


I’m going to be active for about 10-30 minutes tomorrow. No longer. After that who knows when I will be active and for how long.


see ya’ around… someone link naro’s retiring topic for jokes pls kthxbye


Here you go. On Retiring

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Ok see y’a.


If you have the topic linked (and I’ve assumed that you’ve read it), why even bother making a topic?

It’s not an airport unicom, no need to announce your departure.


Have a nice break bubba! Hope we can get some more stuff done in Aeroflot VA with your free time!

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He was just letting people know he’s gonna be gone for a bit, nothing wrong with that!


I know. Like @SAVRamper just said I am going to be gone for a bit and I am letting people know that. And yes I read the topic that I linked.

If you think 101 days is a lot, lol… I’ve logged on to this forum every day for 526 days straight and some of us have been here for 5+ years


Be nice people… No need for some sass.

@Zhopkins We’ll see you on the flip side. 🙂