Goodbye, FNF!

Today was a very emotional day for the IFC, our very fun event that has been happening for 7+ years have come to an end. I would like to thank all the staff for making these awesome and fun FNFs, and @Dan for streaming them!

The FNFs will be truly missed by the community, as they brought all of us together for an amazing, fun, experience that has many memories to remember.

Farewell, FNF, clear skies 👋


Haven’t flown in ages, shame I was grade 1 and couldn’t get the full FNF experience. Wish I could’ve’ had that final FNF experience, woulda been fun.

With that being said, I’ll miss the FNF. It had a good run, and the ones I did attend way back in the day back in 2019/2020 were amazing. Cheers to Misha and the Friday Night Flights! 🥂


I’m super hopeful the the future! Though it’s sad to see the FNF go, I’m sure the IF staff team will open up more new cool events :). Plus this gives other events a chance too. Let’s give Virtual Airlines/Organizations some now now.

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Also a shout out to Blu Games who used to live stream FNF. Going to miss the event but can’t wait for what will come next!


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