Goodbye FlyBe - Sunset in Birmingham

Goodbye FlyBe :(

One week ago today, I held an event to say goodbye to FlyBe, who unfortunately went into administration on 5th March 2020, due to multiple financial difficulties.

Here is a lovely shot from the event!

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Date and time: 071700MAR20
Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400, FlyBe Livery
Location: EGBB


Fly-b heee, fly-b haa, fly-b hooo, fly-b ha ha!

Sad to see this great airline gone I sadly never got to fly on a Dash 8 of theirs, but they provided the best British routes there was. Hopefully another Airline can live up to its name.


Indeed. It really is a terrible loss.

I was literally waiting for somebody to do that.


Lol. 😂

Hopefulleee, we can flyyyy, for this great, airli-hine!

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Ok just stop now 😂😂

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