Goodbye EL AL 747

Sam Chui The aviation blogger was on the flight Believe he will upload a video soon


Sad to see another-one go. Beautiful livery.

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2015/7/10 4X-ELC in JFK

Abosulutely stunning pictures! 😍
You never cease to disappoint 🙌👌

Do you have a Jetphotos account by any chance?

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Thank you I do not love Jetphotos Because it’s a very long process

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If you want to see it in the game

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Watch the last flight FCO-TLV. Tribute to the 747: (notice the callsign)


4X-ELC ״Beer Sheva״ Landing yesterday On Runway 30 at Ben Gurion Airport The last landing on the plane And to the 747th Fleet El Al


Part 1 of 2

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👋 goodbye it’s been a long time.

Just watched it!


In my opinion not enough time

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Those are some quality shots! The picture quality is crisp and the lighting is perfect!

I’m very sad to see another airline phase out their iconic 747s. There’s only a short amount of time before the Queen of the Skies won’t be flying anymore.

Why is that 747 so dirty?

Because it hasn’t been cleaned.

Part 2

What was the aircraft routing?

The flight destination was in Rome on Friday and returned to Tel Aviv on Sunday

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