Goodbye Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is being reworked and is on the edge of release. The aircraft has been in the game for a long time or since the beginning of Infinite Flight. It is a favorite for the GA lovers ❤️

I took this on my short flight from Henderson Airport to Boulder City Airport in Las Vegas.


I just did the same thing. Goodbye old c172 if the update comes soon. Nice pictures


Bye bye old friend I will (cough cough not miss you)
Miss you dearly, yes those were the words I was looking for.
Anyways it’s a sad goodbye but we are getting an upgrade so more VFR!


We’ll miss you!

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I’m gonna miss the old C172 cough cough
Coughs at the speed of light

I never flew it more than 5 times probably, I hated the old model and I’m so glad it’s getting reworked. The Saxon’s photo is nice by the way.

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Farewell, old C172. From the dirty floor, the flat front panel, the inability to open/close doors, etc; you’ve brought all new IF pilots through it all.

Now, your younger twin brother will be taking over the business.


Not really going to miss it,
literally have flow like 10 minutes in this thing out of the 750 hours that I have lol

sorry not sorry.

Great pics!


Bye bye old friend you were the one who got me to Grade 4 I will missed you dearly

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Speaking of that… Go in the cockpit and look behind you, there’s a little surprise! I’m not going to spoil it, go check for yourself.

Spoiler: The tail is gone! Oops! I spoiled it anyway, oh well.

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Hey, yeah I noticed that a while ago. I thought it was very weird

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