Goodbye Airbus, Hello Boeing

Good evening IFC,
Recently my company has picked up another airline contract here in RIC that requires a a new piece of equipment. So, after a few months of waiting, we finally got out Boeing 737 towbar. We had been using delta and southwest while waiting for ours to come in. This will be a great help to us as we will no longer need to ask for permission to use and wait on other airlines towbars! Below are a few pictures of the towbar


Tow bar photo shoot 😩🥵


Boeing is Better! Glad y’all made the switch lol


I’m happy you have your own tow bar! A vital piece to turning around an airplane that is often taken for granted.


Of course that’s why I did it

Lol not completely.

I’m so glad too. Means we can turn planes faster without waiting

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I’m flying into RIC in 2 weeks, maybe you can use your new toy on my flight!

Edit: Nevermind I just checked and I’m on an Airbus

Haha. Who are you flying in👀 I might be around the airport

This tow bar got me actin up 🥵


when the towbar gets more attention than the alleigant equipment


Haha the Allegiant equipment is mine as well. I just wanted to do a size comparison

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United, coming in from Denver

That’s B side! That’s the side I’m on. If I remember correctly, that’s a RON flight and gets in late

I’ll be sure to fly in and do some patterns from OFP to the north. Didn’t know there were so many people on here from RIC

Moved to RIC in February. Would love to get an RIC IFC meet up going

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