Goodbye, 747


Oh no… Lufthansa isn’t retiring their 747’s, are they?

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All carriers are

Really? I highly doubt that because Qantas uses many 747’s and so do the cargo companies and yea you need to add info as this is in #screenshots-and-videos

Pretty sure they are, at least the 200s and 400s

Mega oof. Gonna miss this baby.

Yes yes yes please acknowledge that

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Wait wait! Lufthansa is NOT retiring the 747 as of now! The 747-430 will remain in the fleet until 2025 and the 747-8i will not leave the fleet before 2035!

Thats fact.


Well frick

Lufthansa will not retire it anytime soon according to a quick google search. Many cargo airlines such as UPS and Cargolux will operate 747s for 10s of years to come


Welp… I’m an idiot and I heard somewhere that it was retiring

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Several carriers operate the 747, in several variants. Some of them are retiring, but the 747 is guaranteed to stay in the skies for many decades to come.

Do some actual research before posting.

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Wait what’s happening to the queen of the skies? Is it retired?

No not for a while

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Hey just curious. What route is this? What server? Aircraft? Any other info. Be cool if you put that in the post…

It looks like south of LAX at noon

the aircraft is pretty obvious lol.

but still, some other information would be really helpful

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