Good work to KSEA Controllers!

I cannot believe how busy right now in KSEA airspace and on the ground right now. I would like to say for their excellent work at controlling. Keep the work up going. The controllers are (Henrik E, not sure if it is @Henrik_E or @Henrik), @Jeffrey1o2 @mwe2187 @Trevor_A

Good work and wish of luck keeping them safe in the air and as well on the ground!

Also, I forgot @Trio as well! And also, @DeerCrusher ๐Ÿ˜‚.


To add on with @Gabe_Z, Iโ€™d like to thank @Henrik and @Trio for approach. The lines were amazing and Iโ€™d like to thank them for keeping it in control. I had to go around and go back into the Approach line, which was very fast thanks to them.



Thanksโ€ฆI tried to get you across those two runways as quickly as possible and into a parking spot!

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Thanks for the support and sorry to anyone that received incorrect commands. Gets really, really busy


Fantastic work!

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Donโ€™t forget @DeerCrusher

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When was that?

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About two hours ago, he was ground frequency, possibly tower but I remember his name being on ground


Great work helping me land. There were some aircraft going all over the place but the controller got people in line. Awesome work!

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Yeah. Its true. Caught red handed. I was controlling for about a 1hr 45 mins. Lots of planes. 98% of them followed instructions. It was in the unfortunate even that my friend Casper had do some work as well. I try to not let him out of the box but I had no choice.


I completely agree. With 100+ planes coming into KSEA I expected to wait a while before they responded to my approach request but it was practically instantaneous!

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