Good work ATC Prashan,thanks!

Thanks to ATC Prashan for using the real life STAR into runway 15R KBOS(ROBUC 3). I greatly appreciate his work since KBOS is my hometown as well. Didnt expected ATCs to use real life proceedure but surprisingly he did and handled it with correct speed altitudes and headings. It was really busy out there ,nice job. Would love to see more real life proceedures being used by expert server ATCs.



@Prashant_Divedi you have fan mail ^^


It’s great to see the community praise the ATC for their work. It’s best for you to search the Controllers name up in the search section, if it is IFATC it is highly likely you’ll find their IFC name in one of the topics. Best to Privately Message them so they can see it firsthand :).


Thanks for your appreciations sir! Since many of them were coming from KJFK,it was fair and easy to use ROBUC 3 arrival to manage the flow,using only 15r for arrivals and leaving other runways for tower controller to launch out departures without delays. It worked really well,but had to close due to the poor network connection. Thanks again :)


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