Good Websites to buy Commercial Aircraft On

Hey There!

I’m looking into starting my own airline (expensive I know) and I want to check out the price of aircraft. All help is Appreciated!

How much are you willing to spend?

Don’t expect to get many serious answers I must warn you…


Ebay. That’s all I can think of…


Between £500,000 to £1,000,000

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Umm… and I’ve got my dad a 777 for his birthday

As I just said in another thread, one does not simply come to a forum with a majority of teenage members asking for airline business tactics. You are all getting trolled.


Who said it was easy?

I know I looked into it, I was just interested:)

You guys are far too gullible. He is very clearly trolling, not the other way around rolls eyes


So maybe check out Ebay or maybe your local dealership down the road? Can’t be hard to but commercial aircraft on a cheap budget?

Wow! you must get a big allowance!

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go to
number one source of everything

in fact, that’s how every other big-name airlines started
they went to amazon and asked for planes

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The first thing you should do is reevaluate your life choices and wonder if you’re really going to fool people on here. Coming from someone who started a poll to buy a plane on Live after getting money for his birthday, you won’t be getting very far.

If you want to be taken seriously on anything you say on the forum, I strongly advise that you give up making posts like this. There has been too many cases of people lying about being A320 pilots, owning full motion flight simulators, and so on. This isn’t our first rodeo.


OMG, have you read this topic and my answers, this will help you trust me ;-)

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I hear there are some good deals on AliExpress. The only downside is delivery can be quite slow, you might want to discuss that with your marketing department.