Good website telling you the wind at different flight levels?

Hello! Am I the only one that would like the wind condition at other flight levels on long hauls ? For exemple: i am flying a long haul flight, I am at FL330 and I am at 515 knots, I wonder if (because of jet-streams) i’ll be at 540 at FL350, it always happens to me. So, do you have a website or an iPhone app that I can use for this? Thank you!

Use to check on the winds.


windy gives the wind on the ground, not at flight levels

Yes it does, you just need to change it on the right side (desktop).



Oh ok, I am not using windy on desktop that’s why. Thanks

It also works on the app


You can change the FL on mobile courtesy of mobile browser. Just click on the wind tab on the top right corner and bam, there is a horizontal thingy which can be used to adjust the wind forecast according to flight levels.

Glad I was of assistance to you today
Aurevoir mon ami.

But it doesnt have all FLs

It occurs at intervals because probably the winds won’t change that much if you climb or descend 1000ft or 2000ft.

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