Good virtual airlines?

Hey everyone.I’m looking for a good virtual airline that is decently large. Does anybody belong to one, or know of one that is good? Thanks!

I been a pilot of Qantas and they’re the biggest.
Adding to that I believe I was the 100th pilot to join @Skylines


I very much recommend joining Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight. We offer:

  • Real life routes
  • All ingame Qantas and Jetstar aircraft
  • Ranking system
  • Unlocking Aircraft system (tied in with ranking)
  • Exams
  • Courses
  • 24/7 support chat system
  • Weekly/monthly events
  • Hundreds of pilots
  • PIREP system

You can find us at . We hope to see you flying with us shortly!


Join TravelSky! We have at least 50 pilots! We might not be the largest, but, we are one of the biggest and oldest! We also listen to what you need and want. We also have YouTube and Instagram! We’d love for you to fly with us! Apply on our [website] (! Contact Me (@hmkane), @BavariaAVIATION, @grxninesix, or any other TravelSky staff member.


Take a look at LuxAero VA!

This data base lists all the current VAs, have a look at them and see which meets your best requirements.

Personnaly I am a member of Qantas Virtual airline and can recommend them, but lots to look at and find the one that suits you best.


You should add the fleet

Fleet list, with corresponding grades and hours needed to achieve:

CADET 0-2hrs

Second Officer 2-20hrs
A320 ( Jetstar)

First Officer 20-50hrs

Senior First Officer 50-100 hrs

Capt 100hrs +

Try joining the Infinite Flight Independent Airline (IFIA) we let you choose routes, aircraft, etc.

VictoriAIR has just begun operations. We are looking for more pilots and we accept anyone no matter what age!

Try Qantas Skyline or Southwest, easyJet VA is also hiring

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Ok. Thanks for the help guys! I ended up sending an application for Qantas, which I am yet to receive an email for.


Let us know if you received an email, as it is an automatic process. You’re account has been accepted into our virtual airline too! Welcome to Qantas Virtual.

You guys should read the VAD… If not, you’ll just have VAs advertising here and there…

Agree, I think the VA Database needs to be pinned so that new people can read through that and see which VAs are available.

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Ok, good luck with you’re new VA :)

You can always join Skyliner Air.

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