Good Virtual Airlines?

Hi everyone I wanted to be in a great virtual airline does anybody have a good one that I could join thank you ,if this is in not the right category sorry
Thank you


Check out the IFVARB database at, or go to #live:va and check out what’s up to join!

Everyone has their own preference on VAs, whether it’s the amount of routes, aircraft, behavior/demeanor, etc. Therefore, everyone has a different opinion on which VAs to join/which VA is the “best.” I suggest to you that you find out what you like or what you want to see, and try to find a VA with what you want!

Best of luck searching around. :)


Thank you very much

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By your profile picture it appears you are a fan of Copa Airlines

Lucky for you, a Copa Airlines recently opened.

Always happy to help.

Thank you very much 👍🏽


It’s all up to you. Everyone has his/her opinion about how good a VA is. Make sure you meet all the requirements that a VA asks for. Do you like flights with a short distance, long distance or a big variety of aircraft types / routes? All your choice! Watch their websites and have a look if you think it’s a good option to join.

Good luck with selecting one!

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Hey dose anybody know about Delta Virtual

Utilise the search button, find DLVA, look at their thread and watch their website if you want to know more about them.

If you like ga try the IFGAC and learn the flight logging system cause it diesnt require you to log flights every ___ days or weeks. I’d suggest starting out on a smaller va such as southwest or wizz air or something like that to ease into the bigger va’s.

Ok thank you

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I was trying to look for Southwest but I can’t find it

Here is their thread:

Since you asked, here is their thread.

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Whoa. What’s the deal with the flagging?

The OP asked to be directed to SWVA and DLVA. There was no advertisement, simply linking of the threads. No one said they were good or bad, nor telling people to join.

SAS wasn’t asked for, which is why I did flag that one, as that was considered advertisement.

Chill, people. We’re trying to help. 🙂


Guys who keep flagging remember this


The reason they were flagged is that these threads turn into advertisements. The decision on VA should be up to the individual based on facts obtained from the IFVARB website. What is good to some may not be good to others.