Good VA Name Ideas?

“The Qantas Virtual Group operates two complementary virtual airline brands - Qantas Virtual and Jetstar Virtual which operate regional, domestic and international services.” ( Taken from the IFVARB website.

Alright then.

This is becoming a place for minor issues.

If you want to find an Airline to make, find it yourself, and make sure that it’s not banned, pending, or made.

I’m flagging this.

Ethiopian is an active VA I am in it.

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@SimCaptain please make sure that you dont make a topic in this category again, because only approved VA’s should make posts in this category

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Just change it to VA catergory and we are good

787-8 aswell

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I don’t believe there is an Alitalia! They have the a321 and 772 in IF, and you can use the generic ERJ!

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