Good VA Name Ideas?

Fiji has the B737 and Ethiopian has the Q400, B788, and the A359

Ooh I’ll have to look into that, thanks.

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Here are some options

I would love to see a GOL VA be made!

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Hehe. I’m here now!


I saw your post. Which available VA has the largest fleet possibility?

I believe Ethiopian is a VA

Also, i have a pretty good Idea for a VA based of the real airline. PM me if you want to find it out


Obviously GOL doesn’t, but the variety of routes is crazy, all of South America, including Brazil, Chile, etc… and Florida with the Caribbean. I know many people in AAVA would love for some GOL codeshares like there are in real life


Many of them,

Air Austral has a 777 and A380

Fly dubai operates a 737 but woah, a partnership with Emirates and you’re set!

I would love to see a Frontier one too, wide Airbus fleet.

Jetstar is also interesting, as you can have an amazing partnership with Qantas, and you have a short and long haul aircraft.

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I thought there was already a Frontier Virtual? Maybe one pending on I thought so…

and 777-200lr

Nevermind then, I would just love it if you made a Flydubai or Jetstar, Jetstar is a go to for me.

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Who has the 777-200LR?

ethiopian does

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Pakistan International Airlines do, so do Turkmenistan… but that’s about the only aircraft with a livery in the fleet.

Qantas Virtual Group already has Jetstar

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IFVARB started that you have all permission to create a subsidiary airline, despite the fact the major airline operates it.

“The Qantas Virtual Group operates two complementary virtual airline brands - Qantas Virtual and Jetstar Virtual which operate regional, domestic and international services.” ( Taken from the IFVARB website.

Alright then.

This is becoming a place for minor issues.

If you want to find an Airline to make, find it yourself, and make sure that it’s not banned, pending, or made.

I’m flagging this.

Ethiopian is an active VA I am in it.

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