Good to leave flight on overnight?

Is it ok to leave my iPhone on overnight while I’m on a flight that lasts about 12 hour+? I have never done this before and it would be nice if I can get some answer toward weather it’s good for my phone or not.


I would be a bit careful with your device, depending on what kind you have, it might get a bit hot. But in general, you’ll be perfectly fine.


I do it a lot you should be fine just watch out for notifications.


Just make sure “low power mode” is on in the Infinite Flight settings and that your brightness and volume are turned all the way down. You should be fine:-)


If you have overheating issues just use an ice pack. I do this from time to time. DEDICATION!

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  • Plug your device in
  • Lower brightness settings on your device
  • Lower graphics settings. Do you need everything on high while you are sleeping?
  • Enable low power mode within IF under settings
  • Place device on a stable surface
  • Ensure device is well ventilated. For example, putting it on a blanket is not the best idea to keep it cool.
  • Set your speed well below the limit for your aircraft. For example, if 350 is your limit, don’t set it to 345. 330 should be fine.

That should do the trick. The risky part is watching your speed so you do not get violations which is why I suggest setting it well below your limit. You need to account for random turbulence, etc.

If your cat touches the screen in the middle of the night and causes you to crash, we cannot remove those violations :)


That’s actually not good for the battery, don’t quote me on that though.

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I actually wrapped the pack with a thick towel. It doesn’t touch directly. It absorbs the heat rather than freezes the phone. You are right though.

If you are having that level of overheating then an overnight flight is not the best idea. The components still heat up internally before they hit your ice pack and could still cause damage.


What I usually do is turn brightness down and sound down. I also put it in HUD-2. I leave it on top of my mini fridge next to my bed so it stays cool. Happy flying :)

If you live in a warm and hot climate, try lowering your graphics to prevent device getting overheated

Set your camera on scenic! It could burn in your screen.

Using the latest apple models you should be fine, as long as you look after your device it should be fine. I use an iPhone 8 and leave it over night regularly, I just make sure I close all other apps just to be sure.

I leave my iPad Air 2 on overnight flights all the time! As others have said turn down brightness, graphics and sound. My iPad get warm so I put it on a gel ice pack that is not cold just room temp and put iPad and gel pack on the floor. Only had a problem once before when iPad crashed on final.

I leave my iPad Pro 9.7 in on overnights with height graphics and on normal view. The device doesn’t even overheat!

I usually but my iPad on metal as it is cool

I set low power mode on, turn graphics and brightness down, and leave the flight in scenic whilst it’s connected to a charger

If you do have problems with heating, just put one of those coolie packs you put in your lunch below it or next to it, it should cool it off.
I’ve had to do this once or twice on very long flights and I think it improves performance greatly 🙂

One other thing to be careful for is to ensure you have do not disturb and your phone is on silent, as notifications in the middle of the night can be very very annoying.

An excellent idea on long flights, a better idea is to leave it at school, you can watch it on LiveFlight while you’re at school. If you’re doing ULH you can go to bed, go to school, hang out with friends then land the plane