Good to be back from vacation

hello IFC, I think you have known me for a while since I was around, but why I was inactive its because I was on vacation out of town to Las Vegas and to San Antonio visiting points of interest (don’t want to say it). I had a good time and missed out on a lot of stuff that happened in IF when I was gone like updates. If you like to see videos I took when I was in Vegas in my flight of Allegiant, have a look in these 3 video links of my videos in YouTube.

I am happy to be back in the IFC since I was in vacation, plus I missed you all!


Welcome back.

Lots has happened since you left. We have the Space Shuttle back, with two launch platforms. Concorde has been flying well since you left for vacation; so far we only have Ryanair livery but more will follow. Oh and you’re not allowed to do sonic booms over cities on land. It will be considered an acrobatic move and you’ll get a violation.
IF merged with X-plane and when you have 10,000 XP you’ll become a Grade 6 and your Pro subscription is free for life.
We now have an IFATC police force on Casual and in the new IF version Grade 3s will get a Kill-button in the app where you can kick noobs and idiots on Training server. Packages of 10 ‘kills’ will be sold as an in-app purchase.

Happy flying and controlling 😉

P.S. not all above is necessarily completely true.


AWESOME!! Cant wait to try it out and have fun m8!!


You flew allegiant and survived? Well that’s a miracle. Anyways glad you’re back it’s been a while. Oh yeah and @azeeuwnl you forgot to mention the 737 rework as well as the new A350 family addition!


Whats bad about Allegiant? They did well on those flights and they are my only way to get to Vegas from my hometown LRD


No worries, it’s kind of a joke around the avation community as many people know them forbid being cheap and late etc. It does suck that allegiant is the only one operating flights to Vegas. I smell a potential southwest route for that airport.


But is it all free though?


Of course, as per the new IF ‘wannabe like Google’ strategy. Expect ads to be played prior to pushback.
The price of the ‘kill-package’ still to be determined 😉


Las Vegas? Hmmmmm…interesting.
Did you see Janet airlines?


I’m so thankful every day I play IF not to have adds all over the screen🙏🏿


Welcome back. Good to see you!


Lol imagine if that was actually the case


KLAS is one of the airports I like the most in terms of departure and arrival views.Been there once and views were amazing

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